Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Treats and a Butkus Painting

Shocking - my second post for the week!  I decided this year to make halloween treat bags for the kids to bring to school.  Of course, Caleb is in kindergarten and daycare, and his daycare class is rather huge (40 kids)!  So, I ended up having to make 90 of these things (20 for kindergarten, 40 for Caleb's daycare class, and 30 for Brooks's daycare class) - I asked Caleb this morning if he liked them and he gave me the thumbs up! So, here is a picture of a few of them

and a close up of the monster tag (complete with googly eyes):

I also wanted to finally post a picture of a portrait of Butkus I painted recently.  Don't be too impressed - the outline of the picture was from a template.  However, the blending of the colors etc. was all me - I think it turned out okay!  Now I need to make one for Cammi and one for Payton.

That is it for today!  Working on Christmas stuff this morning - so hopefully will have some pictures next week!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gratuitous picture of my Butkus

I figured I have not posted in a while - I have been busy knitting away and organizing my paper craft stuff, but never get around to taking pictures of what I make.  So, I figured I should post something.  This is Butkus sleeping like an angel on the couch.  He is a light sleeper, so I had to walk quietly to get these pictures.